I know you're jealous.

It's alright. I would be too. You wish you were this insanely talented, ridiculously good looking, and incredibly humble. You wish you could travel the world, do whatever you want to do, and somehow date a remarkably gorgeous, fantastic girl. This probably seems impossible.

Well I'm here to teach you how.

The Art of Being Noah Bradley

I've put together a 6-step lecture on the principles, rules, and practices that enable you to have a life like mine. You don't have to live a life a constant pain and bitterness. You can live a life of luxury and excess. Just like me.


Step 1: Be Attractive

Whether it's my flawlessly proportioned face, exquisitely placed facial hair, or that undefinably suave smirk, you know you want it all. And I can teach you all. From learning how to dress like you're better than everyone else to getting the eye furrow just right, I'll show you the way.


Step 2: Don't Work

It's a well established fact that I never, ever actually do any work. In this section we'll learn the art of making people think you work hard and are extremely productive without actually doing anything. Prepare to sit back, relax, and let the compliments wash over you.


Step 3: Be Better Than Everyone Else

I know I'm better than you. I can teach you, too, to be better than everyone around you. Whatever you try to do, you'll suddenly be amazing at it. I guarantee it.


Step 4: Be Stupidly Rich

You're sadly, pathetically, poorly poor.

So man the hell up and have more money. It's not that hard. Really. All you have to do is take the hard earned money of students and give them nothing in return.


Step 5: Be Insanely Humble

Eventually people are going to hate you for your success. The answer is to be the most humble person in the world (which I clearly am). How do you do this while also reminding everyone how great your life is? That's what I'm here to teach you.


Step 6: Be Everyone's Idol

Become the idol of your generation. I'll show you the way to rise to fame, maintain your hordes of fans, and keep them clamoring for more of you. People think it's easy being universally loved and adored, but I'll tell you the truth.


Stop disappointing me.

Today can be the last day of your sad, meaningless existence and the first day of your new, incredible life.


What you'll get

You'll get a five hour lecture explaining all of the above in painstaking detail. In just 5 hours you'll know everything. About everything. All of the things you've been dying to ask me or may have asked me but I ignored you because I hate email and I don't ever respond.

And it's only $57.

I guarantee that your life will be just as amazing as mine, or your money back.

Buy now